Rollout related to Attorney Adoption

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Rollout related to Attorney Adoption

Post by Theresa.hart » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:07 pm

We rolled out Proforma Tracker in April of 2019. Overall the rollout was very successful. We have a great adoption rate from the Client Service Specialist (aka CSS > Billing Attorney Assistant), but we are struggling with attorney adoption. I would like to hear your thoughts on how we can improve attorney adoption. To give you some insight, Our rollout was tackled in 3 phases: 1.West Coast offices 2.East Coast offices 3.Europe/Asia offices

Prior to the rollout, we distributed communication and a Proforma Tracker tutorial video. We then held multiple webinar Q&A sessions and addressed questions. We then went to each office and held in-house training sessions with all of the CSS’ and walked around for a few days answering questions.

Our approach with attorneys was the same as with CSS, but separate sessions. We found that attorneys were not responsive and we had poor participation in the Q&A sessions. We then sent each billing attorney individual emails and asked if they had five minutes for us to show them Proforma Tracker. This approach greatly Improved Proforma Tracker’s visibility. We were then able to meet with many Partners. However, this was fleeting. We learned that Partners do not like billing, just kidding, we already knew that! We learned that we had to find a way to draw them into Proforma Tracker.

Month four, we sent two surveys, 1. CSS survey and 2. Attorney survey. We received great feedback from the CSS survey. The attorney survey response was minimal and the responses were anything but flattering. Attorneys were frustrated with their citrix/vpn connection and slowness. They wanted more financial information so they could review their matters at a high level.

Month six, we compiled the survey feedback and sent the results to the CSS’. This included their feedback, action taken and what was on the roadmap. We then held multiple webinar training sessions and went over their feedback questions and provided additional training. For the attorneys we will send out an announcement addressing new items available in Proforma a Tracker 1. Accrual Report 2. Account Summary Report 3. Financial Data and per request, a tip sheet. In February we will create a 2/3 minute high level video for Partners reintroducing the application. We will then start reaching out to each Partner individually.

We have a long road ahead of us. I would love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve attorney adoption.
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